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Ordering Instructions

To submit an order, please email with the following information: (OptiNeeds provides products to anyone with special needs)

1. [Subject]: Product order, (name)

2. Provide your name and what product you would like to receive.

3. Report you prescription by attaching a photo of your prescription (from a. doctor) or have your optometrist email us

4. Choose regular or junior size (the junior goggle size is better for people with smaller face sizes or are younger)

5. Provide the address at which you want to receive the eyewear. We will keep all information confidential and secure.

6. Send!

7. Spread the word, and if you are a part of a Special Olympic team, please include your coach's email so that we can contact them.

Email with questions for refer to our 

OptiNeeds is not responsible for any damages that occur through the use of the products we provide

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